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Our new essentials are so good

New products with the same incredible impact: 100% of proceeds go towards empowering youth through quality education and access to healthcare.

In July 2020, we launched a new everyday essentials range for Cotton On Foundation. Think reusable face masks, hand sanitisers, hand wash, bamboo tissues and more. (You can’t keep us down, COVID.)

New products with the same incredible impact: 100% of proceeds go towards empowering youth through quality education and wellbeing projects.

Your support helps us make a real impact on the ground. Here’s a look at a few projects in the works.

Australian Projects:

  • Support Indigenous teachers in Yirrkala and Homelands Schools in the Northern Territory to become qualified teachers
  • Support youth mental health projects around the country to reach 2000 young people

Global Projects:

  • Continue to deliver food packs to students not in school across Uganda and South Africa
  • Upgrade Busibo Primary School in Uganda for 900 students
  • Provide 4 million nutritious meals globally once student go back to school

Learn more about our ongoing global projects.

Wash solutions

Uganda | South Africa | Thailand

WASH stands for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. It’s a globally recognised public health program that recognises the importance of addressing these areas together to improve health and socio-economic outcomes in vulnerable communities. The Cotton On Foundation has adopted the WASH program to drive a number of initiatives within the communities we support. This includes installing tanks for clean drinking water, building hand-washing stations, distributing hand sanitisers, constructing clean toilets with appropriate plumbing, and distributing sanitary pads to girls so they don’t miss school because of their periods. Alongside this, we provide health and hygiene education to help communities stay informed and make positive long-term changes. Thanks to you, 190,000 visits have been made to the healthcare centres we support in Uganda, providing treatment and care to those in need.

Creating educational pathways in the schools we support

Uganda | South Africa | Thailand | Australia

From building new classrooms brick-by-brick, to delivering learning materials, to providing tertiary scholarships—there’s so many different ways we work alongside our supported schools around the globe. At the heart of it all, it’s about creating opportunities to learn in safe and inspiring environments, so that every child can reach their full potential. Thanks to you, we’re currently supporting over 12,000 children around the globe with access to a quality education.

Teacher training and mentoring

Uganda | South Africa | Thailand

Improving student learning outcomes wouldn’t be possible without amazing teachers to inspire a love of learning. This starts with attracting and supporting the best teachers possible in the communities we partner with. We bring on mentors who work one-on-one with teachers to guide them about their practices, providing feedback and promoting peer-to-peer learning. Our Teacher Training workshops focus on literacy development and classroom-based assessment, and provide the materials and resources they need to support young learners.

The Nutrition Mission movement

Uganda | South Africa

Before students even step into the classroom, it’s so important that they’re eating well and have the energy they need to thrive. Through the Nutrition Mission program, we aim to empower communities, giving them the tools and knowledge to create healthy habits for their families and for generations to come. The workshops run for about 4-6 weeks and cover topics like growing your own vegetables, hygiene in food preparation, food diversity and nutrition, and recipes. Since 2015, over 2,500 participants across 10 villages have graduated from our Nutrition Mission program. The most engaged participants can then become a Nutrition Mission trainer through the ‘Train the Trainer’ program, to spread the reach of the program to more caregivers and communities.

You're doing so good

You’re changing lives with every Cotton On Foundation purchase. 100% of proceeds go towards empowering youth through quality education and wellbeing projects.