Doing good.

Making a positive difference is at the heart of what we do.

The future is in our care

We believe in leaving our mark in a planet-positive way.
At every step, we’re being leading with a responsibility mindset.
Building it into the core of what we do and creating better choices for you.

Going carbon neutral

  • Switch to 100% renewable energy by 2030
  • Become carbon neutral in our operations by 2030

Reduce, renew, recycle

  • Our packaging will be 100% recyclable or reusable by 2025
  • 100% of plastics, polyester and synthetic materials will be made from certified recycled alternatives by 2025
  • 100% of paper and cardboard materials will be made from certified recycled alternatives by 2023

Save water

  • 100% of our denim will be washed using water reduction processes by 2023 and we will drive water reduction technology and conservation methods across our business

Source responsibly

  • 100% sustainably sourced cotton forever
  • 100% of our products will be made with sustainable attributes by 2030
  • 100% certified sustainable viscose used in products by 2023
  • 100% of wood, timber fibres and materials will be made from certified sustainable alternatives by 2025

Better choices, better products

Reusable shopping bags
We’ve said “see you never” to single-use plastic bags in all our stores, and replaced them with recycled and recyclable paper shopping bags. Even better, why not grab a Foundation tote bag to use again and again? They’re made from organic cotton and do good in every way. 100% of proceeds support projects that empower youth to thrive.

Infinitely recyclabe water bottles
In August 2020, we launched our new Foundation water bottle—the first of its kind in Australia. Made from 100% aluminium (including 70% recycled aluminium), it has a resealable lid so you can hydrate on the go. The amazing thing about aluminium? It doesn’t degrade or lose purity through the recycling process, which makes it recyclable forever and ever! Grab one today from any Cotton On store in Australia. We’re working with local supply partners to roll out sustainable solutions in more regions, so watch this space.

Look good, feel good
Innovation in fibres and materials has come a long way. It excites us to work with suppliers to source and develop more sustainable alternatives that reduce our reliance on virgin materials and finite resources. Kinder to the planet, without compromising on quality or comfort. From fashion faves to activewear, bags to stationery, we’re bringing responsible materials to every category. Look out for the ‘Responsible materials’ badge when you shop online.

“We know we can have a big impact by choosing recycled materials and renewing what already exists. It’s a step towards a more conscious and circular future.”

— Michelle Pacey, Global Head of Womenswear

Kinder packaging
Packaging protects products from A to B, whether they’re on the way to our stores or delivered to your doorstep. But of course, it can really add up. Right now, we’ve increased the recycled content in our packaging to 80-90%, and switched from plastic to paper fill. Since 2018, our largest distribution centre in Victoria, Australia, has been using a purpose-built packing machine that creates custom-sized boxes by cutting cardboard to the size of every online order, which helps to minimise waste. We’ve also reduced plastic waste by 55% by switching to a lighter, stretchier pallet wrap.

Recycled product tags
Product tags hold all kinds of important info. Like care instructions, composition, sizing, barcodes and more. But even small things can have a big impact. We’ve reduced our swing tags to the bare minimum—one per product in most cases and printed on recycled paper. And we’ve also switched our garment care labels to recycled fabrics.

Let's all do our bit

Simple ways to make better choices for you and our planet.

Say no to single-use
From shopping bags to coffee cups and straws, it’s never been easier to switch to reusable alternatives. Yep, we happen to have all the options!

Love your faves longer
Check the care label, wash clothes in cold water and less often. We’re all about a DIY repair, or style hack. (Hello, jeans turned into shorts.)

Donate, sell or swap
Turn pre-loved into re-loved. Sign up for a market stall, search online for buy-swap-sell groups, or donate your items to a local charity shop.