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Supporting vulnerable communities through Coronavirus

We are working alongside and supporting some of the most vulnerable communities across Uganda, South Africa, Thailand and Australia.

How we're supporting vulnerable communities through Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating impact on human lives and communities around the world. Our thoughts are with everyone as we are all impacted in many and varied ways. Now more than ever, we must support one another, act with empathy and consider the most vulnerable.

Through the Cotton On Foundation, we work alongside and support some of the most vulnerable communities across Uganda, South Africa, Thailand and Australia, where a virus like this can have an especially disastrous impact. These are communities that already face everyday challenges like access to clean water, to food, and to essential medical needs. Challenges that will only be amplified in the event of a pandemic.

The Cotton On Foundation team has responded rapidly, working with our global partners and community leaders to combat the spread of Coronavirus on the ground. Here are a few of the initiatives we are rolling out to make an immediate impact now. We will continue to reassess and evolve our response as the situation develops, to ensure that our team, and every single person in our partner communities is supported at this time.

810 vulnerable children provided with take-home food packs in Uganda

With schools temporarily closed and our in-school meals program on hold, we’re working to ensure vulnerable children and their families have access to nutritious meals.

340 lites of hand sanitiser distributed across Uganda and South Africa

We are heightening elements of our WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) program to combat the spread of Coronavirus in vulnerable areas.

Important healthcare supplies distributed to healthcare centres in Uganda

Our supported healthcare centres are at the frontline, assessing and treating any suspected cases, and working to keep the community safe and healthy. We will continue to support them with important healthcare supplies.

Preparing at-home learning tools and kits for students

These take-home educational packs help to make sure that a student’s access to quality education can continue during this time while schools are temporarily closed.

Community health promotion through posters and take-home newsletters

We are helping to ensure that communities have access to the right information and health messages when it comes to Coronavirus, so they are fully informed and feel safe.

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