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 20th June 2019

When it comes to the ultimate School holiday destination, most can't go past the beautiful Byron Bay. Julia Ashwood from @The_Vista is famous for her highly sought after, 90 page guide to Byron Bay. Check out her top 5 tips to nailing Byron with little ones in tow. Plus, don't miss the 50% off discount code for @The_Vista's complete guide below!”

The Beach - Undoubtedly when you think of Byron Bay (the most easterly point of Australia) you think of the beach. It's true, they are nothing short of incredible. From the main and Belongil to The Pass, Etegoes or Tallows you can find a patch of sand protected by the winds. Swim between the flags and bring your brolly, in Summer the temps cang et well into the 30's. In July, you can still have fin in the winter sun - we tend to swim all year round. The Markets - We adore the food scene in Northern NSW, the farmers market is a huge part of this. On any given day you can bring up fresh goodies, flowers, cheese, breads, you name it! There's a market calendar in our Byron Bay Vista guide.
The food - when it comes to favourite cafes and eateries it's much too hard to choose! Some of the great ones for kids are Barrio, Woods, Harvest, Shelter (Lennox Head), the Top Sgop and Three Blue Ducks at The Farm. The Bushwalking - There are some incredible walks and trails to discover in this natural wonderland. For convenience the lighthouse walk is a great one. Put aside 45mins - 1 hour for the entire walk. Best to take a carrier or a backpack for the little ones weary legs. From June - August, spot the beautiful humpback whales migrating up and down in the bright blue sea. These are best to spot on the sunrise and early morning. The Events - Every day is much like a festival with kids in Byron - however the festival of all festivals is Splendor in the Grass. With kid friendly dedicaated areas like Slendor in the Craft and Little Splendor with installations and a performance stage just for kids - the only problem may be getting away to see your favourite band! We usually take DeeDee from 11-4pm. It's a big day full of colour, music, entertainment and good food - right up her alley.

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