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Building healthy communities through Nutrition Mission

We launched the Nutrition Mission program in 2015 with the mission to empower caregivers with the basic nutrition knowledge they need to help support their families now, and for generations to come.

Thanks to your support and the amazing work of our trainers and participants, the program is now running in Uganda, South Africa and Thailand. Together, we’ve given 3,447 graduates the knowledge to fight malnutrition and grow their own crops.

Educate & empower

Nutrition Mission program workshops are designed to equip families and members of the community with nutritional information and cooking skills, and importantly, help prevent malnutrition. Workshops are run locally and focus on long-term solutions to food security, covering topics like how to grow your own vegetables, hygiene in the kitchen, nutrition, recipes and learning to use available materials to create sustainable change.

Participants who complete the program are given the opportunity to gain extra training and go on to become a Nutrition Mission trainer themselves. This is known as the ‘Train the Trainer’ model, built into the program as a way to spread the reach of the program to more communities and caregivers. In Uganda, 264 participants so far have been trained as community trainers!

“I now make healthy breakfasts for my family. My daughter loves her spinach omelette before school. Breakfast is very important.”

— Bongumusa, South Africa Nutrition Mission participant

Healthy kids, healthy minds

Our nutritional wellbeing initiatives go beyond adult learning, with multiple programs in Cotton On Foundation supported schools that focus on students’ wellbeing and food education. Our School Feeding program ensures nutritious meals are provided to students each day, so they have the energy they need to thrive. We’ve installed 98 water tanks so far to provide clean drinking water for teachers and students. And we’ve also created school gardens to give students and teachers a hands-on approach to growing their own fruits and vegetables.

“The Nutrition Mission program helps children to eat well and have energy to do well at school.”

— Francis, Nutrition Mission trainer

By empowering communities with the knowledge and skills they need to create positive eating, cooking, and food preparation habits for their families, we’re building long-term solutions to food security.

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