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1 August 2021

Top 5 tips to care for your denim

Chances are you've been wearing (and loving) denim forever but have never really known how to care for it properly. To save you hours on Google or getting stuck in a YouTube hole, here are our top 5 tips that'll help keep your denim clean and last longer.

1. Don’t wash them too often

Trust us on this one. We're talking only every 10-20 wears, srsly. This not only saves water, it also helps to maintain the shape and fit.

2. Cold wash, inside-out, for when you do

That’s with a mild detergent and no bleach. Washing your denim with cold water helps keep the colour you love, and ensures they won’t shrink!

3. Spot clean, don't scrub

Use a damp cloth and carefully blot any stains. Just be gentle—scrubbing will make the stain go deeper into the denim. Go slow and call it a form of meditation.

4. Put them in the freezer

Weird, but it works. Freezing your denim for a few hours will help kill off bacteria and get rid of any post-festival odours—without fading any of the colour.

5. Air dry them outside

You know all that lint building up in the dryer? That's the breakdown of your jeans. Next time, ditch the dryer and hang ‘em outside.