Your style is..?
Evolving. Growing up with 4 brothers I developed a more tomboy aesthetic, I try to keep it simple and effortless whilst always leaving something to the imagination. 

Morning routine?
Wake up, meditate, "then I make myself a smoooothie" as Kanye would say.

Current obsession?
Hat hair

Irrational fear of?
I thought I had a fear of heights until I jumped out of a plane.

Can't live without?

First job? 

Juicing vegetables

Something most people don't know about you? 

I played saxophone in the school band.

If you had 10 seconds to change the world what would you do? 

I'd need longer than 10 seconds!

Tell us about a woman that inspires you? 

Stephanie Gilmore, she's an inspiration in and out of the water.

Best thing about B-ing you? 

That everyday is different. I get to B myself and am lucky enough to B paid to do it.

What did you love most about this look? 

What's not to love? Track pants and t-shirt bras = ultimate comfort.

Where would you wear an outfit like this? 

Lounging at home.

How did you feel in this outfit? 

Just like me. 

Fantasy dinner guests?
Bill Murray, David Bowie, Wes Anderson and Morrissey

Favourite book of all time? 

Harry Potter book set

Favourite exercise? 

Retrosweat 80's aerobics... the only place you can wear a G-string leotard and no one looks twice.