What’s your morning routine?
I have some water and really like trying to take deep breathes in the morning to start my day right. I always have a few moments without any technology to set the tone for the day.

What’s your favourite workout?
It’d have to be hiking because you get to see really pretty things on the way so it doesn’t feel like a workout. But intensive workout, probably yoga or surfing.

How do you recharge?
I don’t notice that I do this but people pointed it out to me… throughout the day I just say ‘mmmm’ out loud – it’s just my body telling me to take a second and sing it out haha.

What does empowerment mean to you?
Empowerment to me means that you feel that sense of accomplishment and you can go and do anything that you desire.

When do you feel most empowered?
I feel most empowered when I do something by myself, whether it’s walking in a foreign city or seeing a sunset at the beach. Doing something on my own and you get that sense of personal satisfaction.

What women do you look up to?
It would have to be close friends and family that are empowered women. They’re just who they are and confident in their own skin.

How do you empower your friends?
I think the greatest way you can empower a friend is by never putting them down. There’s so much that goes on with girls and when it’s a friend, it’s so good to just support, support, support. Never bad mouth or say anything negative about anybody because everybody has their flaws.

When do you feel most yourself?
I feel most myself when I’m doing something I love, whether it’s hiking, surfing or being with friends and family.

What was your favourite piece from our Supersoft Collection?
I love this sweater. I could wear it all day. It is insanely soft. It's like wrapping yourself in butter.

Where would you wear Supersoft?
I'd wear this sweater on the plane every time I fly. It is so warm and cozy on the skin. Throw it on during a chilly day and leave it on through the night. I may never take it off!

Best piece of life advice?
My best piece of life advice would be to take care of yourself and try to stay positive!

Leila wears: Deep V Soft Touch CrewSuper Soft Short